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vBridge Hub helps Enterprises access and engage rapidly with the vast and complex technology eco-system for their digital technology and innovation needs. The platform provides an easy access to relevant information on available products and solutions with use cases and case studies to help search, find, connect, engage, evaluate, test and select the best technologies.

Enterprises need to remain competitive, differentiated and relevant at all times. This can be made possible only through continuous innovation. The vBridge Hub platform is the only solution that allows continuous innovation through continuous collaboration with the tech eco-system.

The platform provides benefits across multiple user groups:

  • IT Teams looking to replace legacy technology or fill a gap in the current tech stack
  • Digital Teams looking for innovative digital solutions to create immediate value for business
  • Business or Innovation Teams looking for Open Innovation with the Tech Startup eco-system to solve business challenges
  • Tech Procurement Teams looking for a standardized platform to search & engage with the ecosystem

Driving Value for Enterprises

ondemand access to technology solutions

On Demand Access to Technology Solutions

  • Discover Solutions from over 1,000 technology categories
  • Connect with over 200,000 technology partners across the globe
  • Access to over 500,000 products, use cases & success stories

Accelerate Technology Scouting

  • Find and Engage with Tech Ecosystem from across the globe
  • Pre-signed Agreements allow members to instantly start discussions
  • Fast track evaluation process with enhanced internal collaboration
Accelerate Technology Scouting

Governance & Visibility

  • Status Dashboard on all Tech Scouting initiatives
  • All pre-procurement interactions between internal and external teams at one place
  • Transparency and Compliance on vendor evaluations

Rapid Testing

  • Pre-agreed Test License Usage
  • Test on Cloud Platforms of choice
  • Accelerate Test Use Cases with Testing Tools
Rapid Testing

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