The Tech Innovation Eco-system

The Logo with a Purpose

Its Human to Connect, to Socialize, to Collaborate and to explore our Collective Intellect. The human species is superior because of its ability to use tools and its ability to imagine.

Interestingly, for over 2000 years, humans have used tools to build bridges and explore new avenues. These bridges have helped people to discover, connect and socialize, thus making collaboration possible with communities on the other side!

In the world we live in today, Humans have started interacting more in the virtual world than the physical world. Hence physical bridges need to be replaced with virtual bridges. The Internet and its web based technologies have now become the tools to build these “Virtual Bridges”. We took inspiration from this literal meaning of a Virtual Bridge in naming our company.

VBRIDGE HUB is the progression in the 21st century towards a Virtual Bridge to connect people in the technology eco-system seamlessly. VBRIDGE HUB is an Enterprise Gateway for the Technology Marketplace allowing enterprises to discover, connect and collaborate with technology vendor and service provider communities.

We are launching this New Logo with a purpose to convey our message to these the Technology communities.

vBridgeHub Logo

  • While the vibrant V in our logo appears like a Bridge, its multi-color denotes Diversity
  • The Indigo represents Intelligence
  • The Magenta represents Collaboration
  • Thus, our Logo represents Collective Intelligence through Collaboration

Our Mission at VBRIDGE HUB is to Accelerate Technology Adoption which can only be achieved by bringing together the Collective Intelligence (of the Tech Eco-system) through Collaboration.

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