Project Services Sourcing


Experience Faster Engagement with Right Competency Supplier

  • Assisted scoping of requirements using the AI engine
  • Match best & experienced Suppliers to deliver your requirements

Experience Faster Evaluation through Team Collaboration

  • Compare Suppliers Response side-by-side with Standardized Response Template
  • Use Supplier Evaluation Template withTeam members participation

Experience Faster Onboarding of Candidates

  • Pre-signed supplier market placeagreement allows any Supplier with matching capabilities to engage
  • Auto-generated SOW post Supplier selection allows Project initiating process to start without delays

Experience Better Governance

  • Milestone capture and approval on the Platform ensures no billing discrepancies
  • Mandatory Supplier performance tracking allows for better governance and feedback to Supplier

Experience simplified billing process with single entity

  • Auto-generated Invoices post milestone approval ensures on-time invoicing with zero errors
  • Multi-currency support allows Enterprises to engage in local currency with global suppliers