We Deliver IT Services Faster, Better & Cost Effectively

With our Marketplace of specialised and curated Global IT Suppliers.

AI enabled Intelligent Sourcing Platform
Simple & Powerful

use vBridge Hub Platform to Source, Evaluate, Contract, Govern and Pay for all Third Party IT Services requirements with Flexible Sourcing models.

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AI enabled Intelligent Sourcing from Source-to-Pay

simplified sourcing
Enterprises can now accelerate their sourcing requirements and fulfil their business demand without being restricted by existing supplier capabilities or having the need to look for suppliers with the right capability, experience and compliance.
Simplified Sourcing with multiple benefits.

Single Platform

Flexible sourcing options with access to global talent from a marketplace of pre-vetted suppliers, all through a single platform      

Single Agreement

Sign single agreement and use services from multiple suppliers. Evaluate candidates or suppliers, finalize and generate your SOW & get started.

Single Billing

Consume services from multiple suppliers with a single billing entity. Avoid the need for processing multiple invoices from multiple suppliers.

Faster Sourcing

Accelerate sourcing with help of AI enabled automation, larger supply base and pre-screening to ensure projects start on time      

Better Governance

Track performance and progress for all projects to ensure projects are fulfilled successfully      

Better Pricing

Source cost effectively with competitive pricing, global sourcing and disintermediation to ensure projects are delivered within budget      

Choose Your preferred model

Flexible Engagement Options. Single Platform.

Source Faster, Better & Cost-effectively using AI-enabled vBridge Hub platform for

Flex Contract Sourcing

From 120+ Suppliers
Onshore and Offshore locations
Receive up to 5 Profiles
Profiles are AI & Human screened
Per Month or Per Hour Billing
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SOW Project Sourcing

From 300+ Suppliers
Across 40 Categories
Match up to 3 Suppliers
Both Fixed Price and T&M
Project Governance
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Offshore EOR Sourcing

From India Location
Hire IT & ITeS Talent
Without legal entity
Payroll & Compliance
HR Consultancy on-demand
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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how vBridge Hub aids you in IT Services Sourcing. We're here to help. Oh, and don’t forget to check the FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

What is vBridge Hub?

vBridge Hub is a B2B Platform for Enterprises to Source IT Services from a Global Marketplace of pre-vetted Competency Suppliers.

Is vBridge Hub limited to certain industry verticals?

No, vBridge Hub is not limited to any industry vertical. Enterprise customers from various industry verticals can register and leverage our platform to sourcetheir IT Services.

I am a Mid-Sized Enterprise seeking IT Services, how will vBridge Hub help?

A Mid-Sized Enterprise can source IT Services for multiple scenarios;
Augmenting existing teams – Scale talent in existing teams to fulfill short term or long term project or operations need using Contract Staffing services or Offshore EOR services. vBridge Hub will assist in fulfilling these talent needs with a named account manager to ensure success
Outsourcing transformation or modernization  projects – Access experienced suppliers across 40+ competencies to execute projects in cost effective global sourcing model. vBridge Hub platform scopes your requirement and provides up to 3 best matching Suppliers for review and selection.
Strategic Off-shoring – Hire and build an offshore team to scale IT operations, access niche talent and benefit from the cost advantage. Do all this without having the need to setup a legal entity. vBridge Hub will assist in sourcing candidates and providing HR     governance.
Build Centers of Excellence to drive Innovation – Enterprises can source a Flex COE across various emerging technologies to drive innovation and test new business use cases. The COE team can be formed with a minimum 2 member team and can be flexed up and down based on demand.

Is vBridge Hub a Freelancer Platform similar to Upworks or Fiverr?

No, vBridge Hub is not a Freelancer Marketplace platform. We are strictly a B2B Platform. The talent sourced from our platform are full time employees of our empanelled Suppliers. This allows Enterprises to source from a legal entity that is accountable and liable for services delivered.

How do I register as a Buyer on vBridge Hub?

To register as a Buyer on vBridge Hub, please reach out to us at sales@vbridgehub.com or schedule a meeting at https://meetings.hubspot.com/vbridge

What Our Clients Say

“We needed to scale our development team with new capabilities on AWS and containerization. vBridge Hub got us the architects and developers, on time and within budget. We were not able to find the right resources when we approached vBridge Hub.”

Kiran V
Founder & CTO, BluSapphire

“We needed to deliver roadmap features of our business platform for new Customer we signed up. This needed  us to scale up a team of developers to work on the roadmap features and work alongside  our existing team. vBridge Hub managed to get us the resources on time and also met our budget requirement.

Dhiraj Jain
Cofounder & CEO, DotKonnekt
“We are looking to grow our business 4x in the next 4 years. In order for an accelerated growth, our prices will need to become more competitive. vBridge Hub is helping us lower our cost of operations to maintain profitability by setting up an offshore team without the need for our legal entity to be setup in India.”

Nitin K
CEO, Archer Insights
“Our Data Engineering & Analysics Center of Excellence team was not able to handle ad-hoc demand from multiple business units. vBridge Hub was able to help Flex our COE with resources from multiple Suppliers based on requirements we received from our business in both workpackage model & staff augmentation model.”

Head, Data Services COE
Large Electronics Major
“I needed to start an internal security audit within 4 weeks to ensure we were ready for an external audit. vBridge hub managed to source the security skills needed team from multiple suppliers and provide them on time. They ensured I was able to start the project on time”

Program Manager
Large Technology Company
“We were able to quickly get competitive pricing from 3 suppliers to execute our data visualization project. With vBridge Hub we managed to scope the requirement and start the project within 30 days.”

Large Plastic Manufacturing Company

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